Solar Systems

We do sizing, supply and installation when it comes to:

1. Submersible Solar Pumps
2. Housing Solar Systems
3. Backup Systems
4. Solar Structures

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Borehole Services

We provide professional and comprehensive services when it comes to:

1. Borehole Drilling; Manual drilling between 30 - 35m ONLY . Hydraulic drilling for a depth of more than 40m.
2. Flushing
3. Refurbishment and Remediation of borehole
4. Pump Supply and Installation
5. Removal of pumps and on site repairs

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Import Vehicles Sales & Service

vehicles for sale and service

We Purchase different Vehicles for our Clients at a discounted rate which is far way below the market rate , e.g Vitz, Premio (New model), Ractis, Wish, IST (new model)....... including others. Examples of vehicles bought recently (in the month of April 2015, 2008 Model) are:

1. Toyota Ractis @ Kshs 640,000
2. Toyota IST (New model) @ Kshs 910,000
3. Toyota Porte @ Kshs 590,000

The vehicles are of good condition and the Prices above are inclusive of agency fee.

How we do it;

1. Signing of a Purchase agreement via our legal advisor
2. One month period from confirmation date
3. Cost to Cost
4. 50% advance payment of the vehicle amount
5. Agency Fee of Kshs 50,000 ( Payable after vehicle Clearance)


1. Individual PIN Certificate (Copy)
2. ID Number (Copy)
3. Contact details including postal address

Vehicle Log book will be issued under the individual full names and address (Purchaser).

Home, Hotel and Saloon Textiles

A set of bedding usually consists of a flat or fitted sheet which covers the mattress; a flat top sheet; either a blanket, quilt, or duvet, sometimes with a duvet cover which can replace or be used in addition to the top sheet; and a number of pillows with pillowcases, also referred to as pillow shams. Maqbul Suppliers knows the needs of every client when it comes to home, hotel and saloon textiles.

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Food Stuff

Maqbul Suppliers is dedicated to providing quality food to over 5,000 customers in markets where overall food cost is a critical factor in the purchase decision. We work closely with our customers in areas such as menu planning, portion control, product sourcing, delivery, and wholesale food distribution. Each of our markets requires specialized knowledge of the particular requirements of the end user.

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Baby Diapers

Diapers are used from the day a baby is born. However, a baby’s skin is very delicate. With the aim of helping mothers and babies to enjoy the early years in comfort, Maqbul Suppliers (K) Ltd treats diapers as baby underwear rather than a piece of equipment, and offers products such as disposable diapers and wipes that will appeal to mothers and babies alike.

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Clearance Services

Following many years in the industry working for other large Clearing / Forwarding and Shipping companies the founders saw the need for a personalized and fast turn-around agency, particularly in their specialist field, the motor vehicle industry.

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Maqbul Suppliers has emerged as a major supplier of stationery and office automation products and has developed an extensive network of retailers, wholesalers and stockists with an impressive track record.A major portion of the increased imports of stationery products has been attributed to the increasing demand for these products in Kenyans markets.

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Landscaping & Gardening

Garden Services

Nearly every gardener has experienced the problem of too much shade, which can cause plants to become too leggy or fail to thrive. Whether it's a wooded suburban lot or a north-facing apartment balcony, low light means more growing challenges. Rather than being problematic, these dark areas can be viewed as an opportunity.

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Other Key Contacts:

  • Mr. Abdullatif Hamid:

         Location: Nairobi

         Mobile: +254 786 557 376

  • Mr. Abdalla Ahmed Saggaf:

         Location: Mombasa

         Mobile: +254 716 750 710

Contact Details

Offices Location: along Kisauni Road,
P.O. Box 97745-80112,
Mombasa, Kenya.

Mobile: +254 734 005 200

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.